LoreHub Dialogue System

Dialogue Node version 2

Node without content

{  "type": "@lorehub/dialogue-node",  "apiVersion": "2.0.0",  "id": "dialogue/6147dcb9-b8bd-4238-9c8b-5b773260570c/dialogue-node/895b060b-8af4-47c7-b607-98455103e9b1",}

Schema: Node that is linked to the next node

Use links to connect Nodes, Options and Dialogue Link v1

Schema: Node with options

{  "type": "@lorehub/dialogue-node",  "apiVersion": "2.0.0",  "id": "dialogue/6147dcb9-b8bd-4238-9c8b-5b773260570c/dialogue-node/895b060b-8af4-47c7-b607-98455103e9b1",  "optionsIds": [    "553cd90c-0b6f-4d5a-8bdf-4c83183fb65e",    "d0d93878-797a-42ae-ac8b-19d77d5d4042"  ]}

Schema: Node with Meta Schema

{  "type": "@lorehub/dialogue-node",  "apiVersion": "2.0.0",  "id": "dialogue/6147dcb9-b8bd-4238-9c8b-5b773260570c/dialogue-node/895b060b-8af4-47c7-b607-98455103e9b1",  "setVariableOnStart": [    {      "variableId": "f7fbdcd0-60ac-407e-9239-bb3214119298",      "value": "true"    }  ],  "metaData": [    {      "metaSchemaId": "f1752f55-4a68-4289-9e11-b1a91620f926",      "metaSchemaValue": "castle.png"    },    {      "metaSchemaId": "f7fbdcd0-60ac-407e-9239-bb3214119298",      "metaSchemaValue": "23"    }  ]}


Contains reference to variable and value that should be set on start.


Is an object that contains reference to Meta Schema and value as string. Meta Schema is a JSON object that contains metadata about the node.