Create interactive stories and worlds for your games.

LoreHub allows you to craft engaging worlds and interactive stories quickly, without distracting from development. Create vibrant characters and believable dialogues for your video games by using the LoreHub’s Dialogue System. Save precious developing time and focus on what is important.

The New Way to Build Story

Back in the day, you cannot work on your story and world until your game is almost ready. But with LoreHub's Dialogue System everything is changed. You can build a story and play it right away. Test it manually and automatically. Export it into Unity, Unreal, or any other engine that you can imagine.

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One Tool to Rule Them All

Dialogue Builder
Full-featured cloud-based dialogue builder. Build your story in a comprehensive way in an engine-independent way.
Dialogue Player
One-click and you are playing your story right away in the browser itself. Decrease the feedback loop & reduce development time.
Behind every story, there is a World. We have created the worldbuilding tool that was built not only to store but to create a breathtaking and coherent world.
Story as a Code
Store your story as a code in Git, SVN, or any other version control system. Holistic dialogue JSON schema will help you to track all changes that were made and to review them.
Use flexible and documented API for your internal services or CI/CD pipelines. Extract needed data on the go.
Rich event system can be displayed in any order, with multiple zoom options from minutes to decades. It allows you to build a more trustworthy world with a richer context.
Form relationships between entities and work with related data that is presented in editable tables. All complex connections under your fingertips.
The gallery was built around artists, game designers, and scriptwriters. Upload art and mark all entities that are there. And each entity page will have it as a reference.
RenPy Converter (beta)
Open-source library to convert LoreHub's JSON schema to RenPy script file. Build visual dialogue and use it in your favorite engine.
Localization (coming soon)
Full text localization capabilities are coming soon. Full localization capabilities are coming soon. The translator will have access to all the context needed for the quality translation and can test it right away.