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Create interactive stories and worlds for your games.

Unleash the power of your creative team by using dialog builder, pumped-up timelines, custom calendars, gallery, and agile relation mechanism in a new way of organizing lore and knowledge.
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1.Dialog Builder

LoreHub has a visual dialog builder that allows you to craft engaging worlds and interactive stories quickly, without distracting from development. Create vibrant characters and believable dialogues for your video games by using the LoreHub’s dialog editor. Save precious developing time and focus on what is important.

Export it to any game engine using API for automation or manual.

2.Document, that you’ve always dreamt about — relations, gallery, events.

LoreHub reimagines the concept of a document and converts it into a powerful tool. Now you can create events, personalized gallery and build custom relations between documents.

3.Deep layered stories. With a breeze.

When you are building a world or a story it is so hard to orchestrate events and timelines. Let's forget about this! All events that have been created can be displayed in any order, with multiple zoom options from minutes to decades. It allows you to build a more trustworthy world with a richer context.

4.Worldbuilding is a team effort.

Co-writers, artists, engineers, scripters and managers all can bring something valuable to a worldbuilding process. LoreHub allows you to build and share knowledge with your teamates as viewers or writers.

Plans for all Worlds


For individuals or small teams

$12 $0
per user/month
✓ Up to 3 users
✓ Can create documents and tags
✓ Access 20 history records for each document
✓ Can create events and timeline
✓ Can create custom connection between documents
✓ Upload up to 2GB of images
✓ Can create 1 story
✓ Unlimited number of dialogs
✓ Linear and branched dialogs


For small and medium teams

per user/month
✓ All previous features
✓ Unlimited documents history
✓ 10GB for uploads
✓ Advanced support


For large teams with individual conditions

✓ Custom contract
✓ Personal manager
✓ Dedicated database
✓ Dedicated server
✓ Custom domain. Example: marvel.lorehub.app

Start building worlds right now!

Open the power of LoreHub, the worldbuilding tool of the future. Experience all the features that are already included and join the fastest growing project.

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Open source!

LoreHub is a great tool for storytellers around the world, that is why I am releasing more and more parts in open source. If you are willing to help me in building this tool for the community join the discord channel and start contributing!

We can convert dialogs to any game engine. Work is already underway to convert to RenPy, Unity and Unreal.